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Engr. Monique Sidaross is a licensed civil/structural engineer, a Greek descendant born in Egypt who is currently acquiring American citizenship. She is proud of all three nationalities.

Her education is based on the French education offered by French and British nuns, with two languages (English and Arabic) from kindergarten to high school. Although she is sad to have missed the Greek language, she will regain it. Daily schedule of classes included three languages, mathematics, and science. Homework occupied all evenings, with no time for TV or activities or work as American students do. Fun, church, and relaxation were only on weekends and during summer vacations. This prepared her to be strong in education and languages compared with American students. She said: I was lucky to obtain my five years of engineering education and license from Egypt, which along with Greece, possesses and encompasses the oldest history in engineering and mathematics.

She travelled extensively in Europe and then to America, where she joined such international organizations as ABI, IBC, UCC, and the international university Walden University, where programs also included international travels to explore cultures in relation to her doctoral research interest. Her doctoral study is in engineering management for positive social change. Upon her research, she believes improving engineering, construction, businesses, and women engineers status requires social change first in the legal system/laws.

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1. Press Release: July 2014 – Eng. Monique Sidaross has been named a Worldwide Branding Professional of the Year in Civil and Structural Engineering.


2. Speech: Sept. 3, 2014 (FACTORS AFFECTING ENGINEERING, CIVILIZATION, & SOCIETY), at International Congress in Cambridge, England


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5. 2015 Easter E-Greetings Card (Elvis Presley: We Call On Him).

at Edinburgh, Scotland, UK


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11. This letter sent to State Fund

This letter sent to State Fund for abusing her Work Related Injury. Not Treated. The author funded her own medical treatment while attorneys collect money of her fund. Constitution is broken, no body cared. The author does not trust or believe in the current court anymore. We call for the president to involve to get her justice and respect female engineer justice and her complaint of being treated unfairly as Mr. Trump was respected and satisfied by the media, woman engineer has right too. Thanks for your attention.

12. Press Release – Engr. Monique Sidaross


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