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Positive Social Change

American culture, education and systems need to be reformed for the best interest of the public. Most of them cannot understand different ways of life because they have never lived or experienced other languages or cultures. Some of those who have lived and worked abroad expressed satisfaction over living in America. The unexpressed secret could not be understood, but after Engineer Sidaross experienced the life, education, teaching, engineering practice, and the damaging effect of the legal system’s involvement in American society and culture, she noticed misuse of freedom, inequality, prejudices, and researched the cause of excessive lawsuits that Americans have experienced for decades. Fortunately, as a highly educated, accomplished and professional individual, she was able to help college and university students in America, and reinstate deficient students in their college programs after aiding them in the concepts of math, algebra and calculus – topics fully learned in high school in Europe and Egypt.

POSITIVE SOCIAL CHANGE? is a chronicle of Sidaross’ experience in trying to positively improve people’s lives while dealing with the charlatans, plagiarists and swindlers plaguing American society.


Witness Engineer Monique S. Sidaross’ struggle in American society as she strives to bring about…


ISBN 13 (TP): 978-1-4797-7563-7
ISBN 13 (HB): 978-1-4797-7564-4