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Bay Bridge’s troubled China connection

How Caltrans’ choice of an inexperienced company left structural doubts and cost taxpayers.



Nov. 11, 2014
Update to readers:

I am writing because I am worried and face danger recently because I reported this case. It has reminded me by my prior project years ago at same employer Caltrans and same attorneys and courts corruption and fraud and games. Same crime is repeated again with other engineers now while I did not get my rights yet. It is unfair that engineers, including me, serves the country and the public safety, then we get killed because attorneys and judges want to collect most money out of engineering fund and exploit engineers and destroy the economy illegally, and we are supposed to shut up like stupid.

Please use these links to access the story. The original link has been disconnected for some reason, I think because it includes the attorney name and photo and many complaints of engineers were reported as I posted them below. They worry about their name and reputation and want to hide but they do defame us and steal female engineer income and cause injustice and crime and steal my belongings as my computer from my own business office, steal my mails and confidential personal information, send me gangs with silent gun and chemical to destroy my car inside my residencial parking spot, and other things as I posted on the blog, but they have the power to hide information to cover up on their violation and maneuver the facts of incidents, as in this case and as happened with me too. The harm happened to me by Caltrans has not been compensated yet, but the shocking news in this article of the Bay Bridge is that nine caltrans engineers have recently banished after complaining about the attorney lead manager for an engineering project !!!!! This is ridiculous and scary devil environment to the public, the State could not find any qualified engineer to lead the bridge project. It was same problem occurred with my project as well few years ago and then I was about to banish but God saved me again.

What happened to those nine engineers recently, where are they? The public has to find them, I need to talk with them too as engineers to engineers. I heard this kind of “banishing” years ago when engineers advised me to watch out of such crime because prior engineers were killed already, then unfortunately, it happened to me after a month of this warning of a car accident as they told me exactly. It started in a form of planned accidents where I died on the freeway for an hour and then I woke up by miracle way in the middle of the freeway during the investigation was going and before the ambulance took me to the hospital as a dead person. I found my car crashed and totaled and I was inside. This incident occurred during an investigation of discrimination by EEO in Caltrans Sacramento, then I was poisoned in the hospital during the process of my legal matter the night of a court hearing, in los Angeles.

Also 25 mails of my summons of my legal matter taking few attorneys and judges to court to question their violations in courts, all mails were stolen few days before the hearing from inside the post office in order for me not to have a proof that they received notice to appear in a dated court hearing as the plaintiff in pro per serving my defendants, but luckily I was able to obtain copy of proof of all of them received the notice and my package of serving them. If anyone committed this crime they would put them in prison, but they allow themselves to commit crime freely and support each other. It is all mafia and crime around. Our life is not for the legal personnel to scam the public and they think this is the power, this is devil acts, incomparable power, illegal acts and violation to the constitution and justice as they are all under oath.
Because I detest the crime and harm to me and to others, and I report violations within the engineering field and for ethical engineering reason and safety of the public, they target me on the road recently. So those engineers who banished should appear to talk, Caltrans is not allowed to talk on their behalf and no attorney or any authority should talk on their behalf. They are not kids and me too. Where are they? Also, I am writing to seek protection and safety of my life because there are some criminals spy follow me on the road recently. I notify all the world now if any harm happened to me, all of you know that the crime around me is being continue since 1994 until now especially with the video camera posted on my webiste showing the undercover police at my door 24 hours waiting for me to get out. I called the police for him many times, but I received no compensation to this harm and fear. This is stupid legal system and laws. They have not awarded me my compensation, all they care about is securing their income and stealing engineers’ income as they did with me. They are not qualified to rule or hold court forum.

This is not the style of engineering field and life, and services of engineers to the public after spending our life in difficult and expensive education that not all people can acquire, including attorneys and judges too.

Pray for us.

Thank you for your time

Eng. Monique Sidaross

Note: The text above is unedited due to lack of time.


Oct. 10, 2014
Dear Blogger and Visitors:

I would like to share with you the status of this construction project built by Caltrans, State of California, where I worked since 1994 in excellent status, and served each department well, civil transportation and bridge structures, corrected design mistakes of others,and stopped false construction project for safety of the public and the economy, and many other unique structural design and construction permits services. But unfortunately, instead I receive reward, I faced retaliation and discrimination by the union, attorneys, court corruption and mafia sending spy and gangs after me and stealing my income in several incidents, stealing my business computer and other things as mentioned in the blog areas using undercover police members. The bridge above is another current disaster that is going right now, no one stopped the problem before trillions of dollars losses occurred, but it is okay for the union, attorneys, and judges to cease income and compensations of a woman engineer. When engineers colleagues stood up against injustice were attacked as well to shut up. No support and no standing by the engineering community against this stupid mafia and crime of the legal personnel and it became a trend. I am requesting and I shall get all my losses back in full. NO courts are allowed to rule since they are my defendants.

This article of bridge construction project was managed by an Attorney named as a “Project Leader” instead of an Engineer ! The | State | could not find a qualified engineer in it to lead the project. With my respect to the attorney but we are talking business now, and same employer who allowed this controversy to happen has never given me my rights yet, and attorneys never stood up for justice of a woman engineer in America…..the entire show is breach of the constitution against women engineer.

In this project, male engineers complain of mistreatment of the attorney, project engineer, they were overruled, and now the bridge is broken/cracked and is in hand of attorneys and courts again, in endless litigation process…circle closed… with further billions of dollars losses for the public to pay in taxes for no benefit to the society or the economy. Large gaps need to be addressed, but I am not correcting a system for free.

The following are picks from the article to proof my points above. Please read the complete article online (note: ZPMC is a subcontractor), (Piller, 2014).

“ZPMC violated the job contract by delivering key documents in Chinese instead of English.”

“ZPMC often ignored or defied the prime contractor and Caltrans alike – and got away with it.”

“As delays dragged on, Caltrans approved paying the contractors an additional $6.5 million to boost efficiency and quality, and to catalog the work.”

“Coe said, “Talking back to the … project manager puts you in harm’s way.” In an earlier interview with the Senate investigator, however, Coe said Anziano called the shots. “Anyone who went against Tony didn’t stick around,” Coe said, according to the Senate report. “This is the first time in my career the engineering wasn’t allowed to be done right.””

“Coe [an engineer] said that in a conference call he told Anziano he intended to take the box girders off the boat and recheck them to protect public safety. Anziano became angry and ordered him not to do so, adding, “Do I make myself clear?” Coe said. “I was just flabbergasted.”

Devonport [an engineer] said, “He quit in disappointment about project management, he said, after Caltrans moved him from China to California. “I didn’t feel as though I could perform my role as fabrication manager 5,000 miles away from where it was taking place,” he said.”

A graph, “Living Large in Shanghai” shows the project manager attorney traveled to Shanghai 64 times in seven years with monthly expenses range from $10,000.00 to $15,000.00 per month. What may validate these expenses to ONE person, attorney not engineer, as overhead on engineering project? Where are engineers who should oversee the production of the project?


Attorneys shake engineers around as balls in order to run things as attorneys wish while using the engineer’s name on record as a hanger to be blamed of issues even in the engineer’s absence. In another word, the manufacturing of the project managed in China under engineer Devonport name on record, while Devonport ordered to stay away in the U.S. Which kind of laws or policy is this? So, Devonport made right decision to resign/quit to stay away of hidden trouble on his name. Similar problem occurred to me with same employer and same construction style managed by attorneys behind the scene without my knowledge at that time; instead resigning, I declined to approve the project for safety of society and I requested to give the project to another engineer to review and approve. No engineer approved it for last 12 years but I have been facing retaliation until now. The project was directed behind the scene by non-engineers.

Also, when I was elected as the treasurer of the Union of engineers at Caltrans, few years before starting my doctoral program at Walden, the union president of that year did not want to transfer the fund under my control as the treasurer, but wanted to use my name on record while he would mangle or control the money as he wished. They think women engineers are stupid. So I decided to resign officially from my post as a treasurer and notify all memberships statewide. Only at that time the union president then became worried if the public of engineers who elected me would question the purpose of my resignation, so he transferred the fund immediately to me and prevented me from resigning. I resume my post for the year and never applied again. I did find some wrong issues though and I corrected them with the union HQ office. As a result, I faced threat of life later and retaliation not knowing that, again, there were attorneys and judges guiding the union behind the scene.

As we can see the civil engineering construction industry, its environment, and its fund involve hidden gap, years after years, whatever standing engineers took. It became a trend of corruption and threat of life to engineers in this field at Caltrans in State of California. I am not sure if this is the case in other States. I wonder why engineers should be used by this ludicrous way in America, and the engineering construction misused by non-engineers; this does not happen in other countries.

In order to apply ethical engineering for safety of the public, we face gangs, spy, and silent gun, and other harmful ways on the road and at our residences. This is illegal and anti-societal dignity and civilization; positive social change should take place soon.

Per the article, the construction company chosen by the State or the Project leader is unqualified and had never built a bridge before. Why should they contract with unqualified company, which laws allowed an attorney or a government to do so. The construction project now exceeded the schedule with double time, cost ballooned to $6.5 billion and cracked and in litigation for further billions of dollars salaries and expenses for litigation process that all the public will pay in taxes.

“Caltrans documents show that it also paid hundreds of millions of dollars to fix problems of ZPMC’s making, even as it delivered a bridge riddled with cracked welds. If ZPMC couldn’t build the bridge to the required quality, “it should have been taken away from them and built someplace else,” Doug Coe, a high-level Caltrans engineer in China during much of the job, said at a California Senate committee hearing in January.”

The leader attorney will still gain his salary, not fired as they do with engineers, steal our salary by the court and union attorneys who do not represent female engineers for the union fees we paid for years and the service we offered. There is discrepancy in applying the laws and in the court process in hidden closed court rooms. Information and facts are mangled with as happened in my case with the union and my employment matter. Instead ruling for the justice, they support each other and cover on crime and corruption and ignorance and waste taxpayers’ money while we pay taxes by force under threat of life, then they sent gangs and silent gun to attack me at my resident and on the road as I mentioned in the blog. It is all criminal acts, illegal and against the bible activities.


Dear Visitors of my website:

I would like to share with you this amazing engineering technology. Because of lack of time, study, and research, I will copy my post on Linkedin discussion as is below to share information with you. I just finished winter term and will start spring term this week. I wrote many things on my blog too in this website. Please accept this summary and information below and enjoy the article of the amazing technology in Italy and my comments and views for best interest of America not otherwise. I will share my resume later.

This article was shared on Linkedin in a civil engineering group by an active engineer — group of engineers replied.

Since it is closed group, I cannot post everything on my website without permission. So I will only share the article from the internet, and my text and debate with some changes. Engineers are amazed by this unique design of a building, and asked for the engineers’ name who performed the design, it is not in the article, I joined the discussion and replied as follows:

My post: (Eng. Monique Sidaross, at Linkedin)

Good question ……. , I was searching for the engineer’s name when I was reading the article but could not find one. I am interested to know about the team of engineers who accomplished this exceptional design. I love the design concept of this unique construction building because most of my experience was cantilever and concrete. My undergraduate and master degree in civil engineering were mainly in concrete and steel design along with construction management of large hospitals and university buildings….this is my specialty as licensed engineer. Women are held back in sharing opinions and ideas and participation, as my good work and opinions and suggestions were credited to male engineers’ superiors, this is illegal and plagiarism; I do not relinquish my rights by passing years under duress and harassment of the legal system games. I demand my credit and compensation until now. SPB and the union and courts’ ignorance and discrimination and gender bias caused this crime against woman engineer and to the entire engineering profession, as we can see the advancement in other countries but not in America.

Given the concerns before, I want to share with this group network some incidents and thoughts that bothers me in America and I hope all of you takes my comments with open mind and positive approach and good intention. It is for the goal to cause change and Professional Civil Rights movement for justice and engineering ethics.

I wonder why America, the great country, cannot accomplish such unique project but only brag by others’ work and make money out of publishing it? Instead, American government and courts discriminate against woman engineer state civil service engineer who served the state well and corrected many engineering design mistakes in bridges and other engineering projects before construction starts and disaster occurs to human and to the economy, but I received no compensation or credit but only faced threat of life and discrimination. The state and the country cannot even secure fund for infrastructures and broken bridges for repair because the legal system and courts exhaust the economy with no service but harass woman engineer like me with no justice or protection for few years. They cannot even teach math and calculus that I did for years to serve American students, they cannot perform engineering design but they rule on us, what power do they have to tell engineers what to do or rule on a woman engineer by lie and bribing and forging my signature without my knowledge?

Most of my standing is against this corruption in engineering and civil rights of professionals in America. There are worst incidents than these. Whatever correction or reform to any system that I claim its deficiency, it would be invalid and null new system if I do not get the credit and
personally compensated for these years of mess and stealing my bank account and damaging my car for retaliation and attempt to harm me. It is not decision of judges or government. These stories of engineering projects and retaliation are not mentioned in my profile, but you can visit my website to see some of the retaliation occurred by DFEH and how the governor found its deficiency after my complaint, but where is my compensation?, visit my blog to see discussion and reaction of bloggers who need help too on individual level NOT on changing system while the individual is losing his/her rights. Please share your suggestion too.

I acquire multiple engineering educations from different cultures and I can distinguish among systems. Most engineers talk politically and work just to get salary end of the month, but I talk the truth, real life, and consider ethical engineering. When I corrected wrong design and objected corruption and ignoring engineering ethics in the state workplace, and forcing me as an engineer to do wrong work, I got retaliated against while they keep the corruption there. They all earn salary from the state including SPB and judges while committing illegal acts, discrimination, violating the law and constitution and women should listen and go to hell while they stole my money. This is stupid society and system. They are in violation of the constitution and it is time to get my rights and reform the lack of application of the constitution. I received no compensation so far but I will not let it go. They have to pay for the mess and harm they did with me, without further harm and retaliation.

So this is the difference between America and overseas in terms of accomplishments that astonished all of us. This is sad findings for engineering in America but it is a proof of what I claim. As long as attorneys run America, and use gangs partners to harass citizens life and steal our business belongings while the public in the dark, it will never get ahead.

Now I will go study to annotate my research articles. Too much work and writing. But I wish all of you great success always.



They asked about the freedom and right of women in America:

Unfortunately, there is no freedom or right of women, it is freedom of court corruption and lies, they guide hidden officials and pay gangs to scam people with silent gun and chemical or whatever, as happened with me. My life is more valuable than this scam, I do not escape, rather I correct system. We all love America, we have to do something about this mess. I do not appreciate attempt to kill me many times and poison me in the hospital in August 2007 during court hearing that I missed due to sending me gangs the night of each court hearing, I got panic attack for first time in my life. No compensation offered yet for damaging my health and the crime of attempting to kill me. I still here because God miracles only woke me up in many incidents as such. I am disappointed, I did not expect this because I served the public and the state and students in college honestly for years, I have excellent health and knowledge from European and Egyptian education, but in California government agencies & judges are careless, make up false story against people by forging our signature, and create false documents under duress misusing their power. I came to find out that the entire law library is fake, game, and unjust.

Recently, some people suggested that I become first woman engineer governor for California to fix things. I can fix it, but I am reluctant to agree because the entire system is a mess. It needs big effort to fix it. It needs global support to me. The public is victim guided in wrong direction, they
need help. The problem is attorneys & judges, they damaged the great country.

Guess what, all the royalty of my book was stolen for a year, the Funders of the book did not receive one dollar, the printer is here in America. It is obvious American government stole the royalty and will pay it back again. We have friends bought tens of books, but the publisher claims no sales. I need to publish other academic papers, but I feel like stupid wasting my time and thinking professionally while these mafia around steal our money by sneaky way.

They owe me and others millions of dollars, and NOL for my loss of business too, they stole my business computer during a court process after 12 years of good business tutoring mathematics to college students. They will get no one dollar tax later until they pay all they owe me. If they use
their power against me and hide like chicken and steal money as they do, God will do same with them.

I do not wish to complain but I am in danger and threat of life and no salary. People and my families and friends have to know before further harm happens to me while I am just studying. Facts are hidden or gone from official records with no proof to people to get the truth. This is what happened to me, my car was shot by silent gun — 6 shots in straight line at the side of the car — inside residential closed community, and chemical spray my car while I was studying at night !!! who is next?!! This is crime and they put criminal laws, alter good laws without the public knowledge, get rid of honest people in order to cover up on the crime before people know about it.

Where is my compensation for the fear and damaging my car and defamation and delay of my study ?? The governor and other officials asked me to move out for safety of life, but they did not pay for my losses!!! They ask me to go to court!! What the hell the court doing here? Destroyed a woman engineer life and education and committed crime, forged documents and my signature…I have no trust anymore. They create a case and drag people to court, making business to courts and attorneys wasting taxpayers’ money, then scam the person and his/her documents inside the court while attorneys cover up on this crime. There is no law here, it is scam. My website has more details about the case and pictures under hidden camera of how they treat women. Courts cases are altered and forged inside the court without my knowledge. The judge deleted names of defendants without my knowledge as the Plaintiff and my attorney agreed and hide from me while collecting $5000.00 legal fees. Union bank attorneys claim court order to garnish my acc. while I have no income for six years or more (no tax). I closed all banks and checking account. Other women called me to join class action regarding stealing their bank accounts several times too!! What is this mafia here? Why the hell in the word the tax agency claims tax from no income person?

It is government problem that is all attorneys and judges running America by false laws and wrong legal system inside the court. I request reform the legal system for which I do research.

If some disagree on my context, I respect their opinion but they did not solve problems of those who are in my situation and did not get me my rights, therefore their opinion is not valid in this debate. I will need my rights in full for justice reason and at the same time this will benefit others as well, but we are not suppose to live in brainwash and injustice because of opinions and laws do not work well. System of brainwash and stealing money of women, by altered laws and claiming that systems and laws will be corrected for future generation, is crap and I shall not take it, whoever like it are welcome to apply laws on selves.

Thank you for asking.

This text is not edited due to rush. Enjoy the building and I will go study again now. See you later here.