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05 Jul

with love


My dear 152,929 Bloggers, you make my days with your kind words and support.  I wish you a very happy 4th of July, 2016 the Independence Day in America today. Thank you so much for your time and enthusiastic blogs. Some read my blogs in lunch time at work or on the weekends, thank you for your valuable time.  I will get more time soon to post more, especially academic and informative sessions and languages.  I am planning to establish education sessions and engineering discussions and classes. It is matter of time, I am stuck and cannot find time to sleep now. I finished my courses in the entire doctoral program with GPA 3.86, and Good Standing each quarter in each year of my program.  I completed my dissertation writing with my Chair revision, now it is under review  by other  professors and the writing center.  And then I will conduct interviews.  Please pray for me.


Thank you again. Enjoy the Holiday and also Happy Ramadan Eid El Fetr for Muslim Friends.


Scotland 2015 copy

These Photos are  during the International Congress July 2015, with the Head of the Congress Mr. Nicholas on the right, and the King of Nigeria on the left.  I am a  Congress Woman, and Minister of Culture with the Forum for 25 years and in actual travel for 14 years around the world each year.



In Scotland -w- Nigeria-Nick Cambridge

It is unique forum and I enjoyed it too much. Now we need to work on social change for all people.




These are culture outfits for each country



Congress program

This is a sample of our annual program booklet that includes all attendees and their biography inside, we have 40 countries represented.


In scotland w-Nick-Michelle

The heads of the International Congress, Nicholas and Michelle in Scotland 2015

Thank you for everything you do for the 40 countries’ Delegates and Ambassadors.



Our favorite Priest/Minister Sharon in Scotland 2015


11698944_10204986482241987_4680013549359679142_o Scotland 1 11741004_542711689231276_2252647613517958728_o





~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~From the Author, Eng. Monique Sidaross






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