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06 Jan


Dear valuable Bloggers,


with love

More than 165,000 bloggers we are grateful for your time and enthusiasm about the information shared in this website.  We apologize for the delay to get back to you.  Life is full with work and surprises.

First of all, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017 full with joy, blessing, and success always. May God bless you and open doors to all of you in the New Year 2017.


christmas-tree-wits-website                         in-sea

Photos sent to us as greetings, we share them with you.  They are glittering and animated but they did not work here for some reason.  Not sure where are the sources. But it is time to share Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.


As we are members around the world supporting the Author Eng. Monique Sidaross and funding this website, we appreciate the effort and social change of America that she works hard for it for years of her life to help America in its difficult time, in major fields as engineering, legal, and education.  We thank her and you our bloggers for your support and kind words.  We cannot moderate all blogs immediately but we read all of them and try to meet your requests.  We only ask those who write in different language than English, to please translate your texts because the common Language around the world is the English Language.  We thank you so much for your attention in this regard.

We watched also the new American (Amexit) (like Brexit in Britain) 🙂  with the election of your favorite new President Elect Donald J. Trump. We support the Author and your President Elect and we wish him all success and blessing for his tremendous guts and nerve fighting for justice and business and safety for all people.  This social change will reflect positively on all the world despite what people think.  The world is connected and America is the leader, when America failed, the entire world fell as we can see.

For those who oppose the New President Elect, we suggest that you start new chapter and just open your eyes and heart for new opportunity and new life, forgive the past mistakes and convert the hate to love, you will be okay and make life easy around you.  This is all about education and belief.  Educate yourself and believe in God.  There are many signs behind the reason that Donald Trump won, or divine reasons.


Enjoy the year and this niece tasty cake will make you hungry. Bon appetit.


We can’t get links for this photos, it was shared with us on Christmas.




On Friday December 16, 2016, at 3:30 – 4:00 a.m., there was an intruder quietly tried to break into the residence door of the Author Eng. Monique Sidaross.  There was no high noise.  Luckily, as usual, she was directed by miracle way at that specific time to the door to find someone at the door attempting to enter.  We thank God who saved her again.  We pray for her safety.  She does not deserve this mess for years while she has higher education and power to help America but she is held back by ignorance and mafia around.  This incident has ruined her holiday this year. It was scary moment, we do not know what was the motive, weather political reason because she supported President-Elect Trump, or the union/legal system bribed someone to continue their retaliation.  This is because she reported on the radio show the fact of nine Caltrans engineers killed last year in her same workplace in the State of California and under same union and same reckless Board of Engineers.  You can read this article, it is posted on  the Newsletter of this website (item # 3) the Bay Area Bridge.  She was upset for those engineers and referred to herself too for safety reason because they targeted her for years but she woke up in every incident.

She wants to notify all the bloggers and friends that she was upset on the Radio show posted on the Newsletter item #12, due to overruling her during talking, it was just 30 minutes not enough to share all her concerns.  She apologizes.  Also she mentioned that “she has no one dollar” she was referring to those criminals in the bank – attorneys and judges and tax agency – who stole her bank account without her knowledge or consent but claim garnishing her wage while she is just F/T student using student loan and other private loans until she completes her degree.  Is this the American dream to educated women?  It is mafia. Why America allows uneducated people and illegal people to live and eat for free on the government fund while ruining educated women’s life by scam and gangs and mafia and terrorist at work, while the legal system and judges support crimes and gangs in the country and victimized Eng. Monique Sidaross.  Justice requested, nothing will end until she gets her compensation as she deserves.  She closed all banks accounts in America for loss of trust.  She will not open bank account again in America until reforming the court system.  Her accounts will be abroad only any place, with no authority for American rights to touch her account for whatever reasons.

She will not hide this intruder and harm to engineers in America including her, all crimes have to be announced constantly for safety reason of all engineers and for the Author too.  She is doing nobel efforts for America and should be compensated not harmed and attacked.  She was named “Engineer for Justice”  as shown on her website logo below.



This is her design for the New Year 2017, compilation of events of the season, she shared it with us and you beloved bloggers.  Please pray for her.  She is upset while she study for final step of her dissertation.  But she shared her 2016 Thanksgiving greeting and  wishes below this blog.


Greeting to President Elect Trump & Vice President Mike Pence:

On behalf of Eng. Sidaross, we send our best wishes and Congratulations! to President Elect Donald J. Trump and his Vice President Mike Pence and all prestigious Cabinet.  May God give you great health and wisdom to help make America great again MAGA, and make the World safe place, including solving problems of Eng. Monique Sidaross.  It has been long with injustice as we all witnessed around the world.  We have participated in this disaster that she has faced from this government and the “mafia union and judges” as she calls them.  She deserve big compensation due to closing her legal matters by a nasty way by three judges on the row w/o trial.  This is unacceptable and invalid American court system, it should be closed.  Even her book royalty has been stolen for since 2013 despite all over the world bought it including American attorneys and government and we bought it too outside America abroad.  The Royalty is stolen by the union/ government/attorneys/judges as they stole her job and bank account and business computer.  They ruined her business and have to pay this compensation.  It is only them.  They have to pay it back in full.


Thanks our beloved bloggers,  and Congratulations again to President-Elect Donal d J. Trump!



.                                           .                                             .                                 From the Funders, with our best wishes




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